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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Conroe, TX

Exercise equipment doesn’t have to be broken to start acting up. Dust and debris can collect naturally overtime, at no fault of your own, and dirt build-up can slow or eventually damage functions! However, regular cleaning and maintenance checks completed by our professional techs at Fitness Machine Technicians will ensure your machine is functioning properly.

Fitness Equipment Preventative Maintenance in Conroe, TX

A hotel fitness center reached out to us to begin a preventative maintenance contract for their exercise equipment. On our first planned visit in early May, we opened the treadmill covers to clean and inspect for any potential issues. During this visit, we removed a dust cover on a machine and found a towel wedged under the treadmill’s walk belt.

This demonstrates why it is important to open the treadmill motor covers to clean and inspect inside; had we not discovered the towel, the treadmill could have suffered expensive damage! Fortunately, the fitness center’s scheduled maintenance plan allows us to keep tabs on their equipment, so it can run as smoothly as possible.

Tune-Up Your Exercise Equipment Now

If your exercise bike, strength trainer, or elliptical has been slipping up, or just not performing optimally for some time, contact us. Hidden debris can lurk inside machines and wreak havoc on gears and motors. Fitness Machine Technicians is here to pay close attention to your equipment, with cleaning and regular maintenance. We offer both one-time and on-going maintenance checks and contracts depending on your needs. Just fill out our online request a tech form and our techs will be out to serve you!

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Houston location is run by Rene and Nathalie Garcia and services the Houston metroplex area, including towns like Conroe, Richmond and Deer Park.

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