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Integrity & Knowledge Adds Up to Big Savings in Columbus, OH

With any major machinery, fixes over time will likely be necessary. Regular care for your vehicles or appliances can prevent pricey repairs from unexpectedly cropping up. Exercise equipment is no different; expensive and intricate machines like ellipticals, treadmills, and beyond should be evaluated from time to time to ensure they’re on track for a durable, long life. Our team of techs at Fitness Machine Technicians is here to keep your valuable equipment in its best possible shape, to keep you safe and prevent issues from ever occurring with our diagnostics and maintenance plans.

Treadmill Repair & Preventative Maintenance in Columbus, OH

A corporate employee gym in Columbus, OH had been working with another repair company prior to our first meeting with with them. The other company’s tech stated that their treadmill needed a new control board, providing a quote to repair. When the fitness center reached out to have the repair completed, no one returned calls or messages. As it turned out, the repair company had gone out of business. That’s when the corporate client reached out to Fitness Machine Technicians to replace the board and assess other equipment.

We went out to visit the site and our customer requested that we order the replacement board. Since our tech needed to evaluate additional machines, we recommended that he check out the afflicted treadmill before moving forward with the prior company’s diagnosis.

When our tech, Bob, showed up, the facilities manager made the same request—just order the board for the treadmill. Bob politely told him that he’d take a look first, and that he wasn’t comfortable relying on another company’s diagnosis.

Upon evaluating the treadmill, Bob found a blown fuse—a problem costing a mere $2 to replace compared to $500 for a new console. He was able to replace the fuse and the machine began working again! Our client was so impressed with Bob and our approach that they signed and returned a preventative maintenance agreement only three days after they received it.

The facilities manager was so impressed with Bob himself that he called Fitness Machine Technicians to request Bob as their sole tech.  We love and value Bob, and are just as happy as our customer to complete another job well-done, saving them time and money

Keep Fitness Equipment in Tip-Top Shape

Things can go wrong in life, but letting your exercise machines slip into disrepair doesn’t have to be one of them. Our techs are experienced in servicing a variety of equipment for assembly/disassembly, repair, maintenance and beyond. Fitness Machine Technicians is at the ready to solve any and all of your exercise equipment issues. Simply fill out our request a tech form online, and someone will be in touch.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Columbus and Dayton locations are run by Greg and Cynthia Dove and serve the Central Ohio area including Columbus and Hilliard.

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