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Client Spotlight: The Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland

Mike and Spencer at the J

Mike (Mandel JCC) and Spencer (Fitness Machine Technicians) at the J

Fitness Machine Technicians Northeast Cleveland is proud to have partnered with the Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland (“Mandel JCC”) for nearly two years now by providing ongoing fitness equipment maintenance support for their state-of-the-art fitness center. Their unique partnership first began in February 2019 when our technicians helped the Mandel JCC prepare spin bikes for their annual 2019 Triathlon. The objective, as always, was safety for the triathlon participants so that the bikes could withstand the rigorous operation required throughout the event. Our techs did such a great job, the community center kept them on board to assist with routine maintenance.

The Mandel JCC has its own in-house Fitness Equipment Technician, Mike Gellot, who works closely with Fitness Machine Technicians’ techs. Our techs perform a weekly inspection, maintenance and diagnosis of their fitness equipment, while Mike handles ordering parts and repairing the problems our techs find. Mike says of the partnership, “In the time that Fitness Machine Technicians have been here, I have learned more about preventive maintenance and maintenance in general. I’ve learned what to look for when it comes to the different machines we have.”

Additionally, Rich Zata, the J’s Fitness Director, said the following about working with Fitness Machine Technicians, “The relationship has enhanced the preventive maintenance plans and enhanced the membership to have safe, working equipment. Our collaboration has helped our in-house tech be more efficient with repairs and his monthly preventive maintenance.”

We’re glad our hard work has benefited the community center, including its staff and its members. We look forward to continuing to partner with them for many years to come!

The Mandel Jewish Community Center of Cleveland (“Mandel JCC”) is an award-winning, state-of-the-art community center, which features a beautifully renovated fitness center and indoor and outdoor pools. It is a 501 c(3) non-profit that welcomes everyone—you don’t have to be Jewish or live in Beachwood, OH to join in the fun! Learn more on their website.

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