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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Chênes, MB

If your fitness equipment needs to be repaired, assembled, or tuned up, Fitness Machine Technicians has your back. We work with both residential and commercial customers to provide the best fitness equipment services for all types of machines and manufacturers.

Treadmill Repair & Assembly in Chênes, Manitoba

Treadmill repair in Chênes, ManitobaA customer in Chênes, MB had two treadmills they needed help with. One was an older treadmill that hadn’t been working properly for a while, and the other was a brand new treadmill that needed to be assembled.

Our tech first got to work on the malfunctioning treadmill. They started by unplugging the unit and opening the motor cover. From there they unplugged wires from the motor controller and removed the old parts they found that were damaged. It turns out a motor wire connector had been burnt on the controller that caused the treadmill to function improperly.

Our tech installed new parts and tested the unit, ensuring that everything was back up and running again. Before they left, they also installed our customer’s new treadmill which was tested for proper functioning as well.

We left our customer very happy with both of their treadmills!

Fitness Equipment Service Experts

To schedule an appointment with a tech, fill out our online form today. We offer both one-time repairs and ongoing maintenance depending on your fitness equipment’s needs.

Fitness Machine Technicians Winnipeg is owned by Tunde Dada and services the city of Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, including Chênes, Fort Richmond, and St. Vital.

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