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Fitness Equipment Assembly & Disassembly in Charlotte, NC

Strength equipment assembly in Charlotte, NCPacking for a move never seems to be any fun, especially when it comes to the bigger electronics and appliances. You may get through wrapping and placing all the small stuff in boxes, only to be daunted by large and bulky equipment, such as your treadmill or exercise bike. Don’t give up and leave your machine behind or at the curb! Call Fitness Machine Technicians to come disassemble and pack your machine, so it can make the trip to its new home. Once you’re settled, our team of expert techs will come back out to reassemble and place it wherever you would like.

Strength Equipment Assembly in Charlotte, NC

Strength equipment assembly in Charlotte, NCA Charlotte, NC customer called us to come see if we could figure out their strength training machine. They started to get it together themselves but gave up when it came time to lace cables through the pulley mechanisms. This part of assembly is important for the machine to function without error, as any misstep could endanger the safety and well-being of the user. We were able to get the cables set up properly so that the customer could enjoy a guaranteed safe and proper work out. We’re always glad to help keep you on the move at Fitness Machine Technicians!

We Help Before You Give Up On Your Fitness Equipment

As tempting as it may be to take your best shot at setting up a complicated and intricate exercise machine, it may be a job best left to the experts. Fitness Machine Technicians can make sure no one gets hurt during or after assembly or disassembly of a variety of equipment, from weight racks to indoor rowers. We also offer preventive maintenance and cleaning packages to keep your equipment in excellent shape for years to come. Simply get in touch with us via our online request a tech form so that we can start on your project now!

Fitness Machine Technicians’ North Charlotte location is run by Todd Armstrong and services towns in the North Charlotte region, including CharlotteUptown CharlotteCorneliusHuntersville, Mooresville, Concord and Davidson.

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