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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Bothell, WA

Finished NordicTrack RowerCorrect assembly of your fitness equipment is not only important for the safety of each user but also is helpful in extending the life of your machine.

If your machine is assembled incorrectly, it might still work okay, but it could be damaging the interior of the machine each time it is used. This could cause issues that will eventually lead to a large repair bill.

NordicTrack Rower Installation in Bothell, WA

We recently received a call from a NordicTrack rower owner who needed help installing a new wheel on her machine. She installed the machine three months prior, but due to the bent wheel rubbing against the magnet assembly, she had yet to use her machine. Unfortunately, as soon as we installed the new wheel that the manufacture sent, we noticed it was also bent. We knew we had to do something to help out, so we had a conversation with the customer and came to a decision.

Our technician adjusted and spaced the magnet assembly so there was no rubbing. The resistance was affected slightly, however, the customer was very excited to be able to use her machine for the first time. We’re looking forward to getting her machine operating at 100% once we get the new parts in.

Repairs Are Just A Call Away

Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in equipment diagnosis, repair, routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, assembly, disassembly, and more. We take pride in our customers’ safety and satisfaction. We also serve both commercial and residential clients alike with high-quality maintenance and repair services for all types of fitness equipment. Reach out to start a maintenance plan by filling out our request a tech form online!

Fitness Machine Technicians Seattle & Pacific Northwest is run by Michael & Dawn Lee and services the greater Seattle and Pacific Northwest area, including Bothell, Woodinville, and Mount Vernon.

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