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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Bedford, MA

Time flies, and before you know it, your fitness equipment may be slacking due to normal wear and tear. Then again, you could have recently purchased equipment that’s acting up or malfunctioning. Before you replace your expensive or treasured machine, give us a call. Your elliptical, treadmill, and more could be saved with the right knowledge, diagnosis, part replacement, upgrade or “tweak.” Our expert techs at Fitness Machine Technicians have that knowledge and the dedication to keep you moving, without breaking the bank.

Specialty Exercise Machine Repair in Bedford, MA

Arc trainer repair in Bedford, MAA customer in Bedford, MA was concerned about an “Out of Service” message on their Cybex Arc Trainer 750AT. Our expert team of techs went to their home to complete a diagnosis. They quickly discovered the issue was a battery error—it was only providing 10.5 volts of power to the machine. We ordered a replacement part and completed installation to get it working. Now that the machine is back in action, we have another satisfied customer.

Stumped by Fitness Equipment Issues?

They say “time is money,” so there is no need to waste hours on the internet trying to repair your favorite exercise machine. For the same reason, you don’t have to go out shopping for a brand new replacement either. We at Fitness Machine Technicians are here to fix and replace parts, assemble and disassemble equipment, and advise you on the best course of action for your fitness equipment. Get started now by filling out our online request a tech form so we can contact you ASAP.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Boston South location is owned by Rich Kracunas and services Boston and its southern suburbs including towns such as Bedford, Hingham, Cambridge, Bridgewater and Quincy.

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