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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Avon, OH

It can be a gamble to rely on used fitness equipment to function properly, but before you give older machinery the boot, it’s worth calling in the professionals! Hiring a trained technician to look at passed-down equipment can mean extending the lifespan of the unit or even spotting a safety issue.

Recently, our customer in Avon, OH received a free treadmill from a neighbor. They needed some assurance that the unit would operate safely and if so, wanted it to be moved to their basement. Our technician turned on the unit and noticed a significant clacking noise from under the hood, signifying an issue with the treadmill belt. We adjusted the belt, removed the noise, tested the motor voltage, and confirmed the motor was operating within specifications. To keep the belt from causing further noise, we cleaned and lubricated it to reduce friction and extend the life of the motor.

Take a look:

After we gave the treadmill the “all clear” from an operational standpoint, we moved it to the basement where the customer is now able to start moving on their “new” equipment!

Treadmill Maintenance & Diagnostics in Avon

If your treadmill is past its prime or happens to be used, we are here to inspect, test, and do our best to repair it. Our technicians are trained to spot diagnostic issues and provide consultation on a wide range of equipment from a variety of manufacturers. If you are uncertain about the fate of your fitness equipment, reach out to us to request a tech and we’ll be happy to help!

Fitness Machine Technicians Northwest Cleveland is owned by Kevin Bracy and services Downtown Cleveland, Lakewood, Tremont, Stow, and more.

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