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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Aurora, OH

Loud noises, strange sounds, slowing functions—has your exercise machine been acting up? You don’t want to wait to have it looked at, risking heftier price tags down the line, and you can’t seem to figure it out on your own… Call Fitness Machine Technicians and one of our expert techs can come diagnose, clean and perform repairs to restore your exercise equipment to like-new condition.

Treadmill Repair in Aurora, OH

Treadmill repair in Aurora, OHA client in Aurora, OH had an extreme noise problem with his treadmill for us to address. Prior to the noise issue, he had experienced a low speed error. With a lifetime warranty on his machine, its manufacturer sent him a new drive belt and motor controller, which he installed himself. The treadmill ran again, but the noise level was almost obnoxious. When our technician arrived, they detected two noises; one sounded like revving, the other like a thump.

Our tech ran the treadmill without the drive belt to determine whether or not the motor was the source of the sounds. Without the drive belt, there was no noise. Upon closer inspection, the technician noticed that the belt contained excess material from its formation on one side. The tech then trimmed the belt and the thump completely disappeared, while the revving dramatically reduced.

The next day, our customer wrote to say, “The treadmill was noticeably quieter today. Thank you, I really appreciate it!”

Abnormal Exercise Equipment Noises Begone

Look no further; we have the solution for that squeaking bike or worn strength training bench. We’ll inspect, diagnose, repair or maintain all of your fitness equipment. Our techs are ready to help, even with assembly or disassembly. Contact us through our request a tech online form and we’ll get started.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Cleveland, OH location is run by Jennifer Houghton and services the Northeast Cleveland area including towns like Aurora.

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