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Ask the CEO: Why Do I Need a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Our customers always ask great questions on a variety of topics pertaining to fitness equipment maintenance and repair, so we think it makes sense to share some of those questions and the answers from our CEO, Don Powers.

Why do I need a preventive maintenance plan?

Because dust is not your friend.

Not just because it can make a gym or the fitness center at a hotel look sloppy. It is the dust on circuit boards and on the underside of a treadmill or other pieces of fitness equipment that may silently be wreaking havoc on your equipment. Dust in a treadmill’s motor compartment can clog air flow through the motor, overheat circuit boards, and possibly accelerate the pace of overheating, causing more stress on other components.

Technician vacuuming dust out of a treadmill

Daily usage: the slow but silent killer

Daily use, too, can cause more wear than equipment owners realize. Picture a hotel fitness center with two treadmills where one is being used by a 250-pound man, the other by his 110-pound teenage son. Both treadmills may be moving at two miles per hour, but the motor on the treadmill holding Dad is working significantly harder to maintain that two miles per hour pace than the motor on the treadmill holding the smaller user. Over time, that takes a toll.

What’s in that warranty, anyway?

You may have a manufacturer warranty, but your fitness equipment nevertheless experiences significant wear and tear that a warranty alone might not cover. Just as your car needs regular service during the life of the warranty, your fitness equipment needs regular preventive maintenance. A maintenance visit is that time when someone will look “under the hood” of your fitness equipment and identify any issues before they become an expensive repair problem.

Another benefit of a regular maintenance plan is that it helps you thoroughly understand the ins and outs of your manufacturer’s warranty. The maintenance professional can help you utilize that warranty by providing you with a checklist of things that should be done and that are covered by the warranty, and lets you get those things fixed while the equipment is still under warranty.

“Where’s my favorite treadmill??”

There is a significant customer service benefit to regular maintenance, too. Hotel managers, how many times have you moved a broken treadmill out of the fitness center to an unrented room just to avoid a guest complaining that the fitness center isn’t fully operational? If you are a fitness club owner, you probably dread having to explain to members why their favorite treadmill isn’t working.

OK, so what does a maintenance plan cover?

A regularly scheduled maintenance plan can address a wide of array of issues and breakdown hotspots on fitness equipment, including:

  • Treadmills – Checking wear on a belt, belt alignment (because a belt that continuously slides to one side is an indicator of a more serious problem), cleanliness and connections on a lower control board, smooth air flow to the drive motor.
  • Ellipticals – Lubing pivot points and ensuring that shafts and crank arms are tight.
  • Exercise bicycles – Checking pedals, lubing chains, ensuring belts and crank arms are tight.
  • Climbers – Making sure chains are lubed and all parts are tight.

Safety first – then your reputation

In the end, it all comes down to safety – our goal is to make sure your clients are out of harm’s way when using fitness equipment.

Potential injuries aside, most of us are aware that even if your customers say nothing to you about machines being out of service, it’s a good bet they are saying something to others, harming your reputation.

Treat it like it’s yours

You wouldn’t let someone use your car if you thought it had a problem or risk your car not being in working condition. So, the next time you’re changing the oil in your car, why not give us a call so you can be sure your fitness machines are running at their peak.

Read more about our preventive maintenance services.

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