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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Alpharetta, GA

Strength machine with damaged cablesMany home exercise enthusiasts may be tempted to try DIY fixes when their fitness equipment needs a new part or modification. However, our techs at Fitness Machine Technicians strongly recommend going to a professional to save you time and energy so you can get back to your exercise routine in no time. Plus you’ll know the new parts you’re getting are safe and meant for the machine you own.

Upgrading a Weight Machine in Alpharetta, GA

Over in Alpharetta, a customer’s TuffStuff Crossover weight machine needed new cables. Their machine was old and the original cables had worn out, and our customer went the DIY route at first, using homemade cables from hardware store parts. Since they were not designed to withstand regular weight training, the cables quickly became frayed and unsafe to use.

Strength machine with new cablesWe fulfilled our customer’s request for an upgrade by installing newer versions of the original cables. The new cables are no longer a safety hazard and should keep the machine working smoothly for years to come!

Does Your Exercise Equipment Need An Update?

Whether your machine needs a new part, cleaning or preventative maintenance check, we’re here to assist. We repair and service treadmills, strength equipment, ellipticals and more. To get your workout gear back in shape, fill out our request a tech form online.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Atlanta/North Fulton location is run by Ed Bauer and services downtown Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Sandy SpringsBuckhead Atlanta and Alpharetta.

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